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Center for Community Engagement

Work Experience Program

Center for Community Engagement

Center for Community Engagement

Our Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates cross-divisional work in experiential learning; service learning; entrepreneurship and leadership; and diversity, equity, and inclusivity initiatives. That’s a fancy way of saying we’re going to get you out of the classroom (and out of your bubble) and into the community to do (and learn) some incredible (even transformative) things.

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Cary Academy Entrepreneurship Program


If you’ve got a passion for business, the CCE is here to help you realize it. Learn the ins and outs of marketing, branding, financial accountability, staffing, stock management, and human resources in our on-campus entrepreneurial learning lab—our campus café and store. Become an artisan beverage mogul with the annual Drink Cart Challenge. Or, collaborate with peers in our student entrepreneurship club to launch a business venture that goes beyond the classroom to solve a pressing real-world challenge (two of our teams are finalists in the 2020 Conrad Challenge).

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Experiential Learning

The CCE is here to collaborate with you (yep, you’re a co-creator) to develop immersive, hands-on experiences that maximize outside-of-the-box, real-world learning and reflection. Whether pursuing an established passion or discovering a new interest, you’re in the driver’s seat with our signature experiential programs — Work Experience Program, Discovery Term, and Learning Sprints.

While you’re out doing your thing in the real-world, you’ll be mentored by our incredible team and get practical experience. You will learn how to lead, to take risks (and *gasp* even fail), to communicate, to work with a diverse group of people, and to find comfort amidst the uncomfortable—all important skills for today’s world (employers and college admissions officers, alike, agree).

Got a passion that you want to pursue? Maybe you want to build a car from scratch with your bare hands? Or represent CA at an international youth summit for climate change? Our students have done both and more—and it all started with an expressed interest. We’re all ears to hear yours and ready to leverage our network of community partners to make it happen.

Diversity Students

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity Students